Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Teach Your Children Well...OR ELSE

We have had our fair share of gross-ness around our home. But this evening we managed to take things to a whole new level. A certain child ran out of toilet paper while using the basement bathroom. Instead of screaming for help, like everyone else does, this child used not one or two but three sheets of paper towels to finish the job.

Flash forward to the discovery. Carlie was taking a shower and heard the toilet making strange sounds. Aaron proceeded to try to unplug the toilet but the offending paper product had already managed to make its way into the lift station. By Aaron plunging with all his strength, the nasty-sick water was able to back up from the lift station/pump-thingy onto the basement carpet. (Carpet isn't even two years old.)

So tomorrow will be spent with Aaron home from work trying to find a way to salvage the area of soiled carpet.

And I will be doing a homeschool lesson on what is appropriate to flush down the toilet.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welcome Back to School!

We "officially" began our homeschool year the end of August and we are now in our 4th week. There has been a definite period of adjustment and our schedule is finally beginning to take shape! On the first day back to school for non-homeschoolers we went to WalMart...empty. Then the orthodontist...quick appointment. Then we went to the playground...also empty. The benefits of homeschooling!
A few first day pics...
My busy class of kids.

Being silly :)

Carlie's Motto: To never do what I am told the first time, second time, or third time I am asked and then have a challenging attitude the rest of the time.

Caleb's Motto: Fifth grade work is really hard, but I will do my best, most of the time!

Ellie's Motto: I must look fabulous, even if I never leave the house and always homeschool!

Maggie's Motto: I love love love love love school, even if my mom is making me do mostly second grade work!

Glory's Motto: It is my goal in life to see how many times a day I can raise my hand. I must rarely ever leave my mom's side and I need to add in my two-cents to Carlie and Caleb's literature discussion. Love the Island of the Blue Dolphins.

Micah's Motto: I will whine, cry, fuss, beg for screen time and do whatever I possibly can to distract every person in the house. I miss all of the attention my siblings usually give me!