Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm Baaack!

The past couple of months have flown by and been so full that I just simply didn't have time to blog. I thought about blogging and planned things in my head. And then I promptly dropped into bed and fell asleep.

The thing is, I missed blogging. I cannot believe what a wonderful tool this has been to record the daily happenings of our household!

Here is a sampling of what has been shaking around here:

*After hubby fixed my washing machine, it died again. A dramatic and sad death. The same day that our shiny new stainless steel fridge was delivered. On that same day my laptop monitor died and I had to be without it for some time while it was being repaired. So now I have a new, beautiful set. Ahh. I liked doing laundry before, but I never knew how much I would love to have steam!

*Our well pump broke...had that replaced.

*Lots and lots and lots and lots of homeschooling.

*I started doing daycare for my niece, Anika. She was here most weekdays in April and now I will have her part-time. (Love having a baby I know what it would have been like if we would have had 7 kids!)

I might be doing some "catch-up" posts, but until then, here are a few pics! (If anyone is still reading this blog, that is.)

Our microscope

Micah's 3rd birthday

Spring sprang. Let the lunches on the deck commence.

Easter 2010. In each picture of Glory, I realized that she only had one leg showing. So we took this shot for fun.

We had a SURPRISE 55th birthday party for my mom.

Took a trip to Duluth to visit Aaron's grandma and his brother's family.

Mini birthday party in Duluth. Logan and Glory are both 5 now, bdays two days apart.


Glory's 5th birthday cupcakes. Does anyone else love ganache??