Monday, November 21, 2011


Nothing really to say about this photo. I just think it is cute.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Potato Farm Field Trip

We took a field trip to a local (as in a few miles from our house) potato farm today. Our kids are no strangers to planting, growing and harvesting potatoes but this trip gave them a little more perspective into what it takes to get those bags of potatoes into the local grocery stores. We did a short walk through the warehouse and got to see the process in which the potatoes are washed, sorted, boxed up, and ready to ship.

Isn't that a whole lot of spuds? In case you didn't know, Big Lake's version of a local fair and parade each summer is called the Spud Fest.
This pile of taters goes back another 120 feet. Smelled so great and earthy.

The kids got to have some of the rejected potatoes. Glory and Ellie each got a big heart. Glory's friend had a cute little butterfly. A little boy in our group had a potato in the shape of a ducky. It was promptly turned into a gun to shoot at his sister's butterfly in 3 minutes or less.