Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just in Time

My washing machine broke down. I nearly cried.

My three boys were able to fix it. I nearly cheered.

I was so thankful that they were able to fix it.

Before this happened.

Anybody else recognize the pale look of a puke-face?

(Ellie laying hands on Micah and praying for healing.)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Listening In

Today I was teaching Ellie and Maggie some of the names for the bones in the human body. Glory must have been paying attention. She was sitting next to me on the couch and playing with the abacus. I reached over and put my hand on her knee.

Glory said, "Don't touch my patella."

Really? Did she really say that to me?

I was a little offended. After all, she is only 4. Then I realized what she had said to me. She didn't tell me to stop touching her leg. She didn't even ask me to take my fingers off her knee. She ordered me to not touch her patella.

Glad somebody is listening!

Today, I heart homeschooling.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have an ongoing wish list for homeschooling. Actually, I have wish lists. I have a wish list on, my public library, and I keep a running page of what is working for us and what isn't. I am watching items in my Ebay. is my friend. I have Post-its on my computer with lists of things to look up and research. I have bookmarks and favorites on my internet pages galore. I lovelovelove all of the office and school products available.

I also have a decent level of restraint when it comes down to what I actually purchase. You see, wishing and purchasing are two different things. One requires a lot of money. And one doesn't.

But this baby is getting moved off of my wish list and into my virtual cart. We have been needing a good microscope for some time. And I finally found the one I want.


I have similar wishes about kitchen items. But that is a whole other post.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blog Title

I have been racking my non-creative brain for a new blog title. One without our last name in it. When I began this blog, my only intent was to connect with family, close friends, and have a record of our busy days. I didn't know that the title of this blog would appear on my blogger profile or anywhere else. If I had known that, I would have spent a little more time and effort in coming up with something cute or witty.

I have changed the title to Peeking In On Our Family. I am hoping that it will not be the final title of this blog, but I haven't come up with anything better yet. So until I do (all suggestions welcome), please recognize that this is still the same blog. Minus the surname.

Wii Did It!

Aaron did not make the trip to work yesterday, due to winter driving conditions. So we decided to bribe the kids to get their homeschooling done before lunch by offering up a surprise. We bought a Wii for Valentine's Day, but the kids didn't know about it. (Well, technically Ellie knew because she overheard us talking about it. Little turd.)

A snowy Monday turned into a productive school day with plenty of time in the afternoon for playing Wii and playing out in the snow. We capped it off with a pancake/eggs/fried potato supper. It is so fun to be able to change up our day once in a while!

The downside is that everybody is sluggish today because of sore arms and legs from hours of playing. The mean mommy/teacher is still going to make them write and do school. A Wii hangover is not a good excuse!