Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We are one of "those" families who do not go trick-or-treating. We usually end up doing a harvest festival at church or having a fun family evening at home. We have had movie and game night. We have had a bonfire with chili and hot dogs and marshmallows.
This year we went over to my parents' and played games, grilled, watched movies...that sort of thing. A few of the kids decided to dress-up to answer the door to give treats to the 4 trick-or-treaters who showed up.

Micah was a super-hero. We were not allowed to call him Superman and he would not wear his "stupid cape". He also didn't like his hairstyle. In his words, "Don't like it mine hairstyle."
My mom was a happy grandma. All of her kids and grandkids were there.
Carlie has been having fun playing around with Anna J.'s old prom and bridesmaid dresses.

Caleb didn't dress up, but I happened to catch this picture of him being shocked when Anika spit up.

Anna J. Holding Superman's cousin (Liz) and the Little School Girl (Glory).

Ellie was a rock star.

Anika started out the day in a pumpkin orange outfit.
Then she changed into a mini Vikings cheerleader.
She ended the day like a cozy little taco.