Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's Next?????

I have not blogged recently and so much has happened over the last week. I am going to attempt a quick re-cap and then will post pics as I am able.

Thursday and Friday-Shopping for a new kitchen sink and faucet. Both are leaking. Hopefully we will not have to replace countertop as well. (Even though I am always up for a change!)

The Weekend-Anna and Kelly were here and I shopped with Anna. Lots of fun. Wrapped up getting school supplies and bought a few kiddos some cute new things to start out the year on the right foot. Which reminds me...I need to buy shoes for kids. Ugh. Sunday found Mom and I canning, again. (Tomorrow we will be doing more of the same.)

Monday-Aaron and I went to the State Fair without children. So much fun just walking and talking. Nothing exciting, but we wanted to celebrate our 13th anniversary!

Tuesday-Our actual 13th anniversary and Maggie's 5th bday.

Today-First day of school. Basically "orientation" and passing out supplies and books. But this huge and exciting day was interrupted because we had a storm in the night which produced loads of lightning. The lightning, in turn, hit our house and fried the desktop computer (Carlie's school work is on there) and the main level TV, wireless router, digital cable box, phones, that kind of stuff. So our time was mixed with phone calls and a visit from the phone/cable company and an insurance adjuster. Whew.

Which leads up to the title of this entry.