Monday, November 17, 2008


The weather has officially turned cold. I am not really sure how it snuck up on me, but it did. We enjoyed the cool days of fall along with the warm days of fall. We got excited when we had a couple of cold days and a little bit of snow. But now, it seems, the cold is here to stay.

Last night seemed especially cold. The boiler for our house broke down. Broken boiler=no heat and no hot water. Thankfully it wasn't much colder because we have in-floor heat in the basement and would be very bad for that to freeze up. Aaron stuck around this morning and managed to finally find the right parts. After many phone calls, $170, and a trip to Minneapolis to pick the parts up, we have heat and hot water again. Yay! (I should mention that we do have a gas fireplace on the main level, but that doesn't help out in the basement or the upper level where the bedrooms are.)

One thing is certain. I am most definitely not cut out to be a pioneer or Amish. Boiling water to hand wash (ugh) dishes was old before breakfast was through!!!