Saturday, December 20, 2008


The kids always seem to be going through one phase or another. Just when I begin to think, "Is this a phase or a habit?", the phase is over and they are on to the next thing. For a period of a few months Glory would have to go to sleep inside of her pillowcase, sleeping bag style. I have to admit, it was pretty darn cute. Her latest phase is that she needs to be cuddled into my body, as close as possible, to go to sleep at night. I am not complaining because I know those cuddles won't last forever. I will take it for what it is...unless it becomes a habit.

For Glory, her horses are not a phase or a habit. I think horses are her passion. She has played with the horses she got last Christmas every day of 2008.

This is only a small sampling of the many styles of horses Glory owns. My Little Pony (mini's and standard size), plush horses and lifelike varieties. Her favorite clothes are from Gymboree's Rocky Mountain, Equestrian, and Park Luxe lines...all with horses. She even used to have the cutest pink cowgirl boots.

The big pink horse is scary. Glory calls her "momma". That bothered me. I felt better when I realized Big Pinky must be the HORSE momma.

She is also going through a pajama phase. She wears pajamas at home and horse clothes to go places. Here Glory is modeling Barbie pj's. But she frequently wears one of her 3 pairs of horse jammies. Go figure.


Hilary said...

You may be investing in riding lessons in a few years!

Is a new REAL pony in the budget for Christmas anytime soon?!

Less Toil said...

Lisa, it's so fun to read about your kiddos. They are darling. I started a blog this weekend. You and many others have inspired me. Have a merry christmas!

blessedby6 said...

Traci!!! I got the update that you have a blog from Hilary, yay!! I need to put some more recipes and stuff on here.

Hilary- Wouldn't it be fun to have a pony?? We need to take her for a ride somewhere this spring. What I want is one of those crazy mini-horses (seen on Rob and Big). Don't know that a kid could ride one, haha.

CARMIE D said...

hey lisa~~can hook you up with a miniature pony and a whole bunch of petting zoo critters for your kiddies, if ya want~~my best friend owns a mobile petting zoo~and doesn't live to far from you~let me know if interested~carmie