Thursday, July 30, 2009


I am so thankful for our amazing health insurance. We have never taken it for granted and have made great use out of it over the last couple of weeks. Ellie was in with a bad reaction to poison ivy. Then last week Ellie and Glory both came down with strep throat. Add to that 3 visits to the chiropractor this past week for me because my back has been acting up.

And then there was this.

Maggie took a fall on Wednesday night after coming home from our church picnic. She somehow fell up the one step into the garage and made contact with the metal step on the door of the garage service door. There was a LOT of blood and just as many tears. (I am not sure who cried more...Maggie or Ellie and Caleb!) I am certain they were all quite freaked out by the blood.

We have been down the ER road before, so I grabbed her jammies and blanket (she was filthy from the beach and wearing a swimsuit with dirty and wet clothes over the top) and we headed to the hospital. She calmed down quickly and did not shed another tear at the hospital. (If you know Maggie, that is huge for her.)

4 stitches later and it was done! She commented on the way home that she "had fun at the doctor". I think she liked having two parents hovering over her with no other kids with. Oh, and it didn't hurt that they turned the t.v. on for her, gave her a blanket out of the warmer, and filled her hands with stickers on her way out the door.


Less Toil Traci said...

That looks like it hurt! You are fortunate to have good insurance. Not many people do! Looks like you've had a full and fun summer. Can you believe it's time for school to start again? Wow! Where does the time go?