Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Bliss

I had a rare and awesome opportunity last week to go to Rochester and spend time with my sister, her husband and new baby. My mom and I went on Wednesday morning (without Aaron or my children) and I stayed until Saturday evening. I loved being part of the first moments and days in Anika's life. I could completely sympathize with Anna and her recovery from her c-section (remember I had five of them!).

It is so amazing to watch first-time parents bond with their new little one. Anna and Kelly have great instincts as parents already. I am looking forward to many more visits and cuddles with the little pumpkin. (This totally gave me my "baby fix". It is so much fun to love on a newborn, but yet not be the one responsible for her.)

At the hospital, preparing to take her home. Unfortunately, Kelly had to be at work so my mom and I brought them home.

Anna and Anika...waiting to leave the hospital.

Super proud new daddy.

Aaron and the kids came to pick me up so that they could meet her too.

Did I mention that Anika already smiles? No joke. She smiles when she is fully alert and being talked to. I didn't know that was possible!

Micah wanted to "play with him". We need to work on his personal pronouns.

Taking a little nap...the morning after keeping her mom and dad up most of the night.