Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Eyes Is Hot

Micah woke up yesterday morning with a little temp, hoarse voice, and cough. His symptoms escalated throughout the day and into the night until he was wheezing and miserable. I feel badly for the little bugger; I don't know if he has ever really been sick before (thank You, Lord). I took him to the doctor this morning and he just has croup. It will pass. But in the meantime, he still is super cute. Here are a few of his comments to me:

*"My mouf (mouth) hurts."

*"My throat has a cough."

*"My juice hurts. Kiss it." Apparently the orange juice burned his throat. He proceeded to open his mouth wide and stick out his tongue. Sometimes he asks us to kiss his butt when his bottom is sore from a messy diaper. I do have my limits.

*"Sorry, Mom. Sorry, Mom. Sorry, Mom." He says this when he coughs hard.

*"I need to get a shop." He means shot. As in the H1N1 shot that keeps being discussed around our house.

And lastly, when in bed with me early this morning with a fever he said...
"My eyes is hot."


Hilary said...

Poor guy. Hope he's feeling better soon!

LivinginLilliput said...

I have a Micah also! :) I pray he feels better soon! :)