Friday, July 23, 2010

North Shore Trip (Part 1)

We recently took the kids on a a 3 day/2 night vacation along the North Shore. It was the first time in a loooong time that we had stayed in a hotel. In fact, we had to have two rooms, due to the size of our family. That was actually a blessing because then we had two bathrooms, two microwaves, and two fridges!

Our goal of this trip was to visit MN state parks and let the kids explore and create memories. That is exactly how it worked out. It was our first experience sans stroller and we had a blast.

Moose Lake State Park

At this park we hiked and had a picnic by the lake. Of interest, but not pictured, was their agate center. The climbing tree was a find too!

Jay Cooke State Park

This state park is absolutely beautiful. I definitely needed to cling on tight to some little hands, but it was so worth it. Aaron and a couple of the bigger kids hiked up the muddy trail to the waterfall area.

(The suspension bridge took a little getting used to. Some of us were a little uneasy on it.)
(Love this picture. But I could do without the cleavage.)

The Beach

This area doesn't have a name, but we found a quiet rock beach near our hotel. This was actually our favorite part of the entire trip and we returned a few times. The kids love throwing rocks into Superior, climbing, and playing in the little pools of water.

)Kids are loveloveloving the rock beach here. See the big climbing rock in the background? My husband decided to climb it. And then he lost his footing and fell...almost from the top. We all watched in horror. Thankfully, he only strained his ham string. )

Palisade Head

This rock formation was definitely worth a stop. We weren't there very long...dangerous with the kids. The pictures cannot do justice to the bright blue water and amazing view.

(Don't drop the baby!)


Less Toil Traci said...

Your captions are hilarious! See this is why I have a hard time with the North Shore...beautiful, yes. But somewhat dangerous. The husband encourages the young children to climb up rock walls and risk life and limb when my children have a hard enough time climbing into a bunk bed! It stresses me out. Looks like you handled it better than I have. Hope Aaron's hamstring is feeling better.

Hilary said...

I LOVE the North Shore! I cannot believe Aaron fell off that rock! Thank goodness he is okay. How scary to have watched him and to be totally helpless. Looks life you accomplished your goal of creating fun family memories!