Monday, May 4, 2009

What We've Been Up To

We are in the last days of our official school year and things are crazy-busy around here. Add onto the demands of school a long list of to-do's and you can understand why I haven't been blogging. Wedding plans (for my brother and his fiance), spring cleaning and organizing, beautiful weather to enjoy, a septic system that needs replacing, standardized testing for school, the list goes on and on and on and on. Here is a little photo update to catch you up!

Micah has begun to give me the silent treatment when he is mad.

Lots of swingset time.

Climbing trees.

A yard that has a bunch of holes to get ready for a new drain field.

More tree climbing.

Rhubarb is almost ready to pick!

Trees and shrubs are budding and blooming.

Bike riding.


shana said...

Looks like fun at the Dee house. Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Hilary said...

I can relate to much of that! Busy, busy, busy! It must come with the changing of the seasons. I wish I only had a week of school left. Ugh.

Less Toil Traci said...

Fun times! How come my rhubarb doesn't even look close to ready? Not fair!