Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I love tivo/dvr. The whole concept of recording tv programs and movies digitally is not new to me. I have wanted tivo for-EVER. But until we got the dvr system with our television service, I truly had no idea what I was missing.

What is to love? These are a few things that I appreciate:

1. I can record or delete at the touch of a button. Wonderful for me, but even better for recording movies for the kids!
2. This is a time saver if there is something we want to watch. No commercials=happy. Some of those commercial breaks are 4-5 minutes long.
3. The pause function for "live" tv is great.

I am sure there are many other positives that I have yet to discover. For now I am recording movies like crazy. I am not sure why I am recording so often. Aaron and I only watch a movie once in a while, and very rarely finish an entire movie in one sitting.

Maybe it is the novelty of new technology. Maybe I am just saving up for that rainy, lazy day sometime in the future. (Although chances are better that I will read a book than watch a movie :) Whatever the reason, technology is a-maz-ing.


Less Toil Traci said...

I agree! We just got it too and we love it! We record things and then watch it in a fraction of the time. No commercials!! Hee Haw!

I've Always Been a Joiner said...

I just love that we can record the kiddie shows we like Alasdair to watch and then when we need him to be quiet (like when only one of us is home and we have to prepare dinner), he can watch something we "approve" of.