Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Eye!

Sometimes strange things happen. A lot of those strange things seem to happen at our house. Today a certain child (HINT- 5 years old, female, with a ton of crazy hair) was using the bathroom.

Child: Mom! I gotted pee in my eye!

Me: What?!?!?!

Child: I gotted pee in my eye!

Me: How in the world did you manage that?

Child: I was watching when I was going to the bathroom and was too close. It is my right eye.

Me: Into the bath! I sure hope you don't get some sort of eye infection.

Child proceeds to freak out over the thought of an infection. But she was very calm when it was "just" pee in the eye.

Lesson learned: there is no need to watch when you are on the toilet.


Hilary said...

How is that physically possible?!

Less Toil Traci said...

Funny! I hope she is okay. Kids!

homeschoolmom said...

i wouldn't worry about it...pee is just pee. it shouldn't cause any infection (by getting in her eye) unless she has a bladder infection or uti. you washed it. she'll be fine.

blessedby6 said...

I should clarify that I wasn't really concened for her physical well-being. It was just one of those mom things I said in the moment!