Monday, March 2, 2009

Mr. Manners

Part of our homeschool curriculum includes health. The first few years of health are called Health, Safety, and Manners. Today Caleb learned some special manners he hadn't previously known.

Special Manners for Boys:

*Let girls go first.

*Open doors for girls.

*Carry heavy packages for girls.

*Give up your seat for a girl that is standing.

*Help girls be seated at the table.

*If you wear a hat or cap, take it off when you go inside.

Special Manners for Girls:

*Accept a seat that is offered to you by a boy.

*Let boys open doors for you.

*Let boys help you be seated.

*Always say "thank you" when a boy helps you carry something, offers you a seat, or opens a door for you.

I started laughing when he read these lists to me. I found them to be out-of-date and unrealistic. But as I started to explain to Caleb why each of these manners were listed, I realized just how un-polite of a society we live in. Our culture doesn't teach boys and girls to be the men and women God desires them to be. We don't treat one another with the basic respect that we should.

Now I don't expect every man to open my doors or lift my packages, but seriously, when I am walking toward a door with an infant in a car seat, a diaper bag, a purse, and a toddler by the hand...just open the door!

So while some of these were silly to me, the heart of the message was solid. It isn't really about offering a seat or accepting a seat that is given. Common courtesy is what it comes down to. It doesn't matter what gender or faith you are, or what political party you belong to. We should all treat one another well!!


shana said...

I agree! You should have seen all the stuff I had in my hands coming out of church on Sunday . . . it was ridiculous.

On another note, while I have had a thing for cards, notes and writing letter and stuff since I was a pretty little girl, I did really learn quite a bit about greeting cards at the Bethel Campus Store . . . thanks Wanda!!

homeschoolmom said...

AMEN, sister!

Less Toil Traci said...

So true!

PS loved your laundry room makeover you posted about awhile ago. Way to go!