Monday, March 16, 2009

Signs of Spring

Today is a beautiful 61 degree day at our house. We have some definite signs of spring, aside from the radiant sunshine and the obvious warm-up in temperatures.

Signs That Spring Has Sprung:

1. The yard (and former ice rink) has turned into a mini-lake and stream.
2. I have many extra loads of laundry to do...see sign 1.
3. The laundry tubs are being used more than normal...sign 1.
4. Oxy-Clean has, once again, become a favorite household cleaner...sign 1. (In addition to Magic Erasers and Windex.)
5. Bikes, scooters, lawn chairs, playhouses, and other toys have all made a season premiere.
6. Band-aids are being used liberally...sign 5.
7. The urgency to complete school for the day/year is being felt by all.

The beauty of can work outside when weather permits.