Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Glory Update

Glory has had a heart murmur since she was an infant. Her doctor has monitored it carefully, but decided it was time to bring in the opinion of a specialist. Yesterday we headed to see Dr. Chip, a pediatric cardiologist. I am very thankful to report that her very loud murmur is completely fine and she doesn't need anything else done!!! So now we know and don't have to be concerned about it anymore.

After the doctor visit we headed to the mall and got her ears pierced. "Diamond" earrings to celebrate her 4th birthday a week early.


Less Toil Traci said...

Great news! Our Molli had a murmur at birth too. By a year it had closed on its own. Praise the Lord! We were so relieved. One less worry for our dear kids. God is good.

Hilary said...

So glad to hear everything has corrected itself! Great news!