Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rochester Highlights

Here are some pictures from our Rochester trip. We love hanging out with Anna and Kelly and it was fun to spend the night and squeeze more action into the trip. We went bowling, went to a beautiful nature center, and played games.

Anna, 18 weeks pregnant with their baby girl. I couldn't keep my eyes or hands away from her beautiful belly. I think she might have been the highlight of my trip. My ovaries are aching.

Cute tummy.

Okay, Micah is pretty cute too. He loved running around at the nature center.

A rare family photo.

The huge fish tank at the nature center. Kelly bought minnows to feed the fish. One of the fish almost got a bite of Caleb.

Maggie is always posing. Even while bowling.

Glory is learning how to set up a bowling game.
Glory pointed her hands straight out until her ball hit the pins.