Monday, June 1, 2009


Summer vacation is in full-swing at our house and has already been over-the-top busy!

*Finished school a couple of weeks ago. Carlie and Caleb will complete their standardized tests today.

*The garden is in and growing. Herbs and flowers are planted. Now we just need some rain.

*The new septic/drain field will be finished up today. (Pictures later...what a mess our yard is!)

*Caleb turned 10!

*Did a Mother's Day trip to Taylor's Falls. So much fun. And it was great not to have to try to push Micah in a stroller.

*Spring cleaning. And cleaning. And cleaning.

*I have been sorting through homeschool stuff. And sorting. And sorting.

*Ordering curriculum for next year. (It is a vicious cycle that never ends!)

There you have it. A very short summary of what has been shakin' around here.


Unknown said...

I am finally checkin in on yr site Lisa!! You are rockin awesome! How can you manage to stay on top of life AND blog??? You is a way cool Mama! ;) Love you all, Jani