Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Big Boy

Micah is trying harder than ever to prove that he is not a little preemie baby anymore, but rather, a big boy. Okay...he didn't say that in so many words, but a mother knows. He still loves his snuggles and kisses and hugs, but sometimes he just comes on my lap for more of a "huggle". (That is my little word for a short, quick bit of love from the kiddos.)

*A mini language explosion...now says more (mo'), please (eese), bus (buh), and bye (bye).
*Loves to sit at the table and counter and see what's up.
*Wants to color.
*Often lets me know when he is stinky. Either he brings the wipes over or he pulls up his shirt, points his rear in my direction, and grunts for me to check his pants. Sure wish 3 year old Glory would do the same, *sigh*.
*Top molars.
*Wants to feed himself his oatmeal, ummmm, NO.
*Throws his diaper in the trash and claps and says "yay".


shana said...

Hey Lisa,
I imagine you do even more laundry than I do (by a little). We are thrilled to be up and running again with the laundry. Thanks for the well-wishes. It's inevitable that things will break, but it's always a bummer when they do.
Since you are an even bigger family then us, I am wondering what do you drive? The minivan we have now does have 7 seatbelts, but I wouldn't say it seats 7 comfortably -- especially the 3 who are fighting in the back row!!! Just curious what you pack your crew into. We're thinking of getting a 12-passenger something next time around so we have a little room to breathe and maybe even bring a friend along on occassion!