Sunday, September 7, 2008

Where's Glory?

It isn't very often that we lose our children. We haven't had any separations at the grocery store or any runaways at the mall. That is good news and proof that my declaration that someone might "steal them" is working. I always tell my kids that they should be able to see me and I them. They know our rule is if they are separated from us, they should stay put and we will find them.

Occasionally, at home, we lose a kid or two. They go a bit further into the woods (we only have 2.5 acres) than we like and can't hear us calling. Or they go outside without letting an adult know. All very annoying, but not a huge deal.

But tonight, Glory was missing for a little while. I thought she was with Aaron and he thought she was in the basement with the kids. He checked up, down and out. No Glory. I wasn't too concerned, as she is known to get caught up with a horse toy or book and zone out. But she is also prone to getting into things she isn't allowed. (toothpaste, Dixie cups, hair things, game pieces, water and copious amounts of hand soap, you get the picture.)

I found her, curled into a little ball, in a tight space of her closet, fast asleep. Super cute, right?? Except for the fact that she had her nanny (pacifier, which we are gradually taking away) and a Pull-Up full of you-know-what. (A little background: potty trained-ness only lasted as long as vacation Bible school.)

Oh well. At least she wasn't in the middle of the road, in the cow pasture, or being attacked by the coyotes which are lurking here. :) Just a little after supper nap with a stinky bottom.


Hilary said...

That's a story for the baby book!