Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Girly Fun and the Kitchen Sink, Too!

I went away for the weekend on a ladies' retreat with the chicas from The Lakeside Fireplace. We had so much fun in Stillwater...went on a trolley tour, dinner cruise on the St. Croix River, browsed antique and gift and specialty shops. We stayed in Hudson, WI and had just as much fun talking, laughing, swimming, and just hanging out together.

Aaron took such great care of the kids while I was gone. In fact, it was he who pushed me to go on this get-away in the first place. He and my dad took the kids to the park, McDonald's, had movie night, and a bonfire.

Somewhere in the craziness of it all, my wonderful husband replaced my cracked kitchen sink and leaky faucets with the new ones that finally came in on the morning I left. Not only did I get away and have a blast, I did not have to deal with the mess of a kitchen sink update. I didn't have to live with a kitchen full of dirty dishes that couldn't be taken care of because the sink caulking needed to dry. He dealt with it all. (Granted...I did prepare the meals ahead of time and lay out clothes. And I got a little OCD and typed out a detailed list of how to take care of everyone. I couldn't help myself.)

So thank you, Aaron. I love the sink. You did a great job. Maybe a career change to plumbing???

The Old Sink...not normally dirty...but why clean it when it was getting replaced????


Nate and Traci said...

Way to go, Aaron! I love the sink and faucet. What a treat to come home to. Glad you had a fun time with friends!

shana said...

beautiful and shiny. congrats! someday i will have a new sink too . . . maybe even a whole new kitchen that didn't just step out of 1972! but for now i'm doing just fine! have a great day.