Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not Just Another Load of Laundry

As you can well imagine, my laundry room is constantly busy with sorting, washing, drying, and folding. Today just happened to be sheet day for the kids. (Just keeping it real here...I only actually wash their sheets every other week, or earlier if a need comes up. Six kids with bunk beds, twin beds, and cribs makes for a lot of work.)

Today I decided that everyone needed their snugglers and lovies washed in hot water and Dreft. Usually I just throw those in with whatever load of laundry I can, but today I threw all the blankies in at once. We have two Gymboree blankets, Micah's crib blankets and his 3 silky/nubby blankets, Maggie's four blankets, and Glory's 4 Little Giraffe blankets. (If you know Little Giraffe, you know their stuff is EXPENSIVE. I did not pay retail for her blankies but bought them from a wholesaler on Ebay. Just thought you should know.)

As you can see here, they make an entire load!!

This was the first time ever that there was no drama over the blankies getting washed!!!! Granted, we had to conduct a secret operation to get Micah's stuff into the washer. And then again to get the load into the dryer.

In the end it was so worth it. I wish I would have taken video of them all taking their warm, clean blankies out of the basket. Lots of smiles all around.

What could be better than a warm and clean blanket on a day when the temperature has yet to make it to zero degrees?


I've Always Been a Joiner said...


Alasdair has "Teddy" we try to wash him once a week and it is always *drama* or a mission to get him into the wash. When Alasdair pulls him out of the dryer though, all he tells us the rest of the day is that "Teddy is Clean! and Fresh!"

Kids are awesome, eh?
Your cousin, Nicole