Friday, January 2, 2009

Vacation's Over

The past two weeks have gone by in a flash. Aaron took almost two weeks off from work and we had our Christmas break from homeschooling. It was wonderful, but we all know that all good things come to an end. So today was spent gearing back up for school and work. Before we get back to the routine, I thought I would share a bit of our break.

Lots of snow in MN during the month of December.

Some of Aaron's nieces and nephews at the Dee's home on Christmas Eve.

Skinny Santa made an appearance at Aaron's family celebration. We totally do NOT do the Santa-thing. But Glory got into the spirit and gave him lots of love. Ellie even gave a polite curtsy in her poofy Christmas dress.

The kids received toothbrushes in their stockings. Micah preferred to use it on his head.

Glory thought the toothbrush did wonders for her skin.

Caleb loves building and thinking and gaming. Perfection.

A keyboard for the budding worship leader. Carlie can plug headphones in to this piano!!

Glory was sharing her "joy" over the birth of her Savior with Grandpa. Note his earplugs. Not just for Glory, but for everyone.

Cousins. Too cute.

Cousins. Wrestlin'.

Handsome men.

Time for a de-stressing massage. See the skinny one in the front? Anna is pregnant and wise. She took the front so that she wouldn't have to rub someone else. See the dude in the back? BIL Gavin. He is from Canada. He isn't getting a back-rub.

Anna, Kelly and dear, sweet Carlie.

What's so funny?

No. Really. What is SO funny?

The perfect place to play. Underneath the stools.

Okay. So I went a little crazy with all of the pictures in this post. But I just wanted to give the world a small taste of how incredibly blessed we are by family and friends. (We also spent a super-fun New Year's Eve with church friends. Thank you, Jim and Julia, for being brave enough to invite our entire family over to your lovely home. You are one of the few who has!!) Our time off was spent with people we love and getting to know Jesus better, as a family. It was wonderful and memorable. But vacation's over.


Hilary said...

You're makin' memories! Nothing is better than that!

We're Bj and Ruthie said...

I think it's Aaron's cute legs and white socks and shorts they're laughing at... ;)

Beautiful fam! Carlie looks thrilled with her keyboard, what fun!

shana said...

so funny . . . my kids ALWAYS get toothbrushes in their stockings and joey has those exact same green puppy jammies . . . costco?? except for the fact that we're one kid short and no one got a keyboard, i think we basically have the same life . . . well, except the homeschooling, and the living in the city . . . but otherwise!