Friday, January 30, 2009

If I Had a Million Dollars, Part 1

I would have enough bedrooms so that each of my kids could have their own. Then, when I told them to go clean their rooms, they wouldn't try to blame their messes on each other. They would each have their own space to go when sent to their rooms. And Micah could have his own room instead of using up the space in the master bedroom closet. Our closet has a window, regular light, and a heating/cooling vent. He is not neglected or locked in a traditional closet. I just don't like it when he messes his diaper while playing in his crib. Pretty sure all of my clothes smell.

I would have two washers and two dryers. One set could be for clothing and the other for towels, sheets, and other things.


homeschoolmom said...

i really like the 2 washers and dryers idea. and i don't have 6 kids (yet)! right now, i can only dream that someday i'll be blessed with 6 kids (and probably not the washers and dryers).