Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Fruits

This week the temperature is hovering around 90 degrees, the humidity is high, and the garden is beginning to explode with fresh veggies. We have had zucchini, a few tomatoes and potatoes, some cucumbers and bits of other things. This morning I was able to make my second gallon of pickles and we have a large bowl of fresh green beans for supper tonight (thanks to Mom, super-duper bean picker). This means canning season is around the corner and I cannot wait to can tomatoes and make fresh salsa, mmm.

This also means school is around the corner. The second box of curriculum arrived on Monday. Carlie started Bible to give herself a little jump start and something to do while in the arm cast. I think I really learn much more from teaching the kids than they do! Ellie is back to reading regularly and Maggie is reading as well. I am so glad that Mags picked up the reading on her own, as that will make Kindergarten a breeze this year. The couple of months off from school have been good for Ellie and she now seems much more eager to read than she did during the school year.