Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sticks and Stones May Break Carlie's Bones

Actually, Carlie's broken wrist is the result of running and falling in a grassy area at a park. No sticks and stones, but definitely broken bones. She isn't in much pain. The cast will be on for 4 weeks and then will be x-rayed again. Carlie isn't going to be able to go to Valleyfair on Monday or do any more swimming this season, but she is okay with that. I am so thankful that our vacation is over with and she has logged many hours in the pool as well as at the lake. Oh...the cast should be off in time for school to start!! Also on the bright side...Carlie's actual doctor was the doctor at Urgent Care this morning. God is so good to us and I love how He provides for my family beyond my expectations.


Hilary said...

Where were the cute casts like that when I broke my arm in 1986?

She sounds like she's got a great attitude about being in a cast, and I'm glad to hear it should heal w/o any issues!