Monday, July 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We made it home from Park Rapids. We did not lose any kids or our sanity. It actually was a lot of fun. The packing and planning part was a HUGE undertaking, but the trip was relaxing. The setting of the resort is perfect for our family. We were able to see the kids everywhere they went. Aaron's brother's cabin was right across the driveway and all the kiddos ran back and forth between cabins, playground, and water area the entire time.

I had the ingenious idea to bring Micah's regular high chair. That was probably the best thought I have had in years. He was happy to sit in there and eat, all strapped in. I also thought to bring scooters and skateboards, which the kids used the entire time.

Carlie and Caleb are old enough now to be out in pedal boats and on the dock with cousin Cody (with life jackets!). They had fun tooling around, fishing, searching for crayfish, looking for bats in the dark, playing hide-and-seek, and swimming. The younger kids had cousins Kelsey, almost 6, and Logan, 3, to play with. They loved being in the water, at the park, playing in the cabins, and going for boat rides. Aaron and his brother had a good time fishing and hanging out. Penny and I NEVER run out of things to talk about and it is always fun to cook with someone else. Oh, Aaron and Mike caught a huge snapping turtle. Catch and release. :)

We had great weather for the trip. It rained on the way there and the way home. Perfect! The only downside was that we had to head for the basement when we got home, as we had two tornadoes in our immediate area. We lost power for a while, but that was about it!

So this week is crazy busy with VBS for the older four and me planning for school for the fall and getting ready for a college friend/roommate reunion at our house this Saturday.


Hilary said...

What fun memories for the kids (and adults, too!) It's nice to go away, but nice to be back home.

Have fun with the reunion this weekend!