Thursday, July 10, 2008

Simple Things

I have never been the kind of mom who likes running her kids from place to place and activity to activity. I don't think there is anything wrong with doing that. I am a homebody by nature. Call me a compulsive nester. I suppose that being pregnant, puking, and nursing babies for almost 11 years kept me at home and started the routine. Also, the very idea of hauling 6 kids to soccer practice, baseball, or piano lessons is overwhelming.
In the midst of a crazy and busy world, we are always the most content with the simple things.
*Micah with a hose. Couldn't be any happier than he was last night. BTW-he already knows how to annoy his sisters by spraying them! Isn't he a little young to be an annoying brother?
*Kids in the pool. This is our fifth summer on the same pool. Worth every penny and the kids never tire of it. I tire of putting sunscreen on everyone!
*Reading books. Carlie and Caleb have become avid readers. Carlie is averaging a book per day lately. She is currently reading the Narnia series. Caleb has spent the last two days in his room because a new (free) Lego magazine came in the mail.
*Family devotions. This summer I found a great book that retells Bible stories in a fresh way and provides thought-provoking questions. I often read it at meal times.
*Stickers and crayons. 1 tub of foam shapes from the dollar spot at Target in combination with crayons and paper make for endless fun.
This list changes with the seasons, but for me, this is what summer is all about. I don't think the kids are even missing being in community ed activities this year! And with gas prices for filling a Suburban...


Hilary said...

I couldn't agree more!!! I think more people need to get on the "simplify your life" bandwagon!

Keep up the blog...I check it daily and love hearing what's going on in the Dee household.