Thursday, October 9, 2008

Allergy Update #1

Today was supposed to be a big day. A day we have been waiting for, praying for. Glory was finally going back to get retested for her food allergies. History...Glory had an anaphylactic reaction to eggs at age 1. Was tested and tested positive for egg allergy and peanut allergy. She also had RSV, eczema, and severe reactions to mosquito bites. Since then we have carried epi-pens, Zyrtec, Benadryl and have kept her away from offending things.

Today she was scheduled to have skin testing done in the hopes that she had outgrown her allergies.

Instead she had blood drawn. We will wait a week for the results. If those results are good, she will have skin testing. If those results are good, the doctor will do a food test in the office.

That is where we are at. We have been praying for healing for her for so long and we thought we would find something out today. But I will be as patient as I can and wait the week out.

And I will dream of the day that she can "have chicken like Maggie", and eat eggs that she thinks "I really like".

We will celebrate with ooey-gooey cookies, giving God the glory.


shana said...

jacob, our oldest (9.5) is the food allergic one. dairy and eggs primarily. he is anaphlactic too and we've had those same blood draws. he hasn't grown out of them at all, but they say most kids do. long story short we found out about the milk through a very scary experience giving him formula once at about 5 months. egg we found through a test after a nasty reaction eating them (or us trying to feed him some, but he was refusing them . . . smart little bugger!) at about 15 moths. anway, we'll be praying all goes well for glory and she'll grow out of hers! blessings!