Friday, October 3, 2008


If there is one thing that I do NOT like about parenting, it is fishing things out of the toilet. This morning's toilet episode was no exception.

A certain child went to use the bathroom first thing this morning and began to wail. She had dropped her toy cell phone into the toilet and needed help. Unfortunately, for me and her, she had already used the toilet. (in 2 different ways)

I gloved up (with the leftover gloves from Micah's days with Synagis shots) and jumped in, so to speak. BLAH! The cell phone was retrieved, but tossed into the trash by me. Very upsetting to the child. But a $2.97 toy cell phone just isn't worth the cleaning, especially to a germaphobe like me.

Lessons learned:
*never throw out plastic gloves
*never take toys and other valuables into the bathroom (how many times do I have to say this??)
*plungers are great, but not for lodged toys
*an investment into a net for fishing inside the house might be a good idea