Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boxes, What's the Big Deal?

What is it with kids and empty boxes? Boxes seem to be an unending source of entertainment and fun. Today Micah found a couple of boxes and spent a significant amount of time with them.

The morning box...wearing a diaper, sitting on his silky blankies. I actually had to carry him upstairs in his box to avoid a major tantrum. Somehow he found an empty tote in my closet, threw in a blankie, and climbed in to read a book.

The afternoon box. A different variety...empty pasta box from Sam's Club. Still nesting on his blankies and reading up on the current Chinese take-out menu.

Speaking of boxes...my bday is coming up. Not a big deal to me. I really don't care. But after today, I think I care. Ellie saw an empty box on the floor and completely spazzed out.

Ellie- "Daddy said that Mommy's birthday present is coming in a box!!! Micah is ruining it!!! Why didn't anybody hide it?? What are we going to do???"

Me- "Ellie. Calm down. That is an empty box from the closet."

Ellie- "Oh. Well at least I didn't tell you what you are getting, hehehehehe."

I wonder how big my box will be??


Wilhelmina said...

But, the real question is - how did you get your kid to take a nuk?