Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Boys and Polly Pockets...11 Years Old

I don't normally get sentimental and all cry-ee over bdays and things like that. But it just hit me. Right now. It hit me hard. My baby is 11 years old today. She is in 6th grade. This is my 7th year homeschooling her and she only has six left (after this year).

Carlie is changing so fast. She is a delight to be around (most of the time). She is mature and sweet and loving and kind and caring. (Most of the time). Her relationship with Christ is her own, personal and real. She loves to learn about God and praises him with a voice that surprises me. She sings on the youth group worship team and is not shy about praying and talking in front of all of those teens. She is silly and goofy and laughs at the sort of things that 11 year olds laugh about. She lets Ellie sleep in her bed with her and reads chapter books to her at night.

But now there is a little talk of the b word (boys) and make-up and driving and college. (Is she trying to tear my heart out? Can I homeschool her through college? :)) The time will come soon when we will have to make the decision about sending her to public school. I know she is self-assured and could handle herself. She is confident and would be able to stand up for herself in an unGodly culture. So I guess we are doing our jobs as her parents.

For today all big, life-altering decisions can be put on hold. Her in-between age allows her to be free to have a friend over to play and watch movies. And even though she got a camera case, clothes, a purse, etc. for her birthday, she is still little enough to ask for Polly Pockets as a present.


shana said...

happy birthday carlie! wow, 11! time goes so fast. hang in there, i think somehow we're supposed to suvive these years! good thing for prayer!
what a fun tribute to your lovely "little girl".