Monday, October 6, 2008

Big Hair

I have hit the jackpot when it comes to convenience with getting hair done. For a long time, my good friend Amanda, would come to my house and do hair. I don't have anything done terribly often and Aaron has hardly any hair and cuts it himself. Plus with 4 girls the occasional trim or cut does the trick. Caleb needs frequent hair cuts but has nice hair that can wait in between. And Micah, well, he just had his second hair cut. And now, lucky me, my sister Nora is finishing up at the Salon Professional Academy and does home visits, :).

Which brings us to last week. Nora came over and did hair pretty much all around. We were all thrilled and excited with our new styles. But, being the cautious momma I am, I kept an eye out for Glory (who didn't get a hair cut and has BEAUTIFUL long hair). I didn't trust her to not cut her own hair. So scissors were guarded and hair was kept in ponies and clippies.

Which brings us to Saturday. I was playing piano for a wedding at our church and left 4 kids at home with Aaron. When I got home I thought Glory looked different. As I looked more carefully I realized that her hair had been cut. Seriously cut. The beginnings of a mullet. A rocker-chick-unevenly-cut-butcher-job.

I flipped out. Maggie had been kind enough to give Glory a hair cut out in the yard by the swing set. (5 year old Muffin who knows better). She had given her this special appointment while "Daddy was cleaning up from lunch." It was 5 o'clock and Aaron hadn't even noticed. (That is a whole separate issue).

I quickly dialed the phone and called Nora, crying. (She thought someone had died, lol). I hoped to catch her before she left school so that she could fix it with some hairstylist voodoo magic shears or something. But she was already home. I scooped up the shears from Aaron's WalMart clipper kit and headed to town.

Nora was able to do something with it. It looks cute, if you don't look too carefully for the parts that were un-fixable. I cried (I am not a cry-er...more of a yeller) holding her in bed that night. She was just too cute, sleeping on her knees with a plume of hair around her, now gone.

But like Glory told me, "Don't worry, Mama. My hair will grow big again."

The Evidence

Still cute


Wilhelmina said...

I'd cry too. I wish I only had scissors to contend with with my hair plucking darling.

I've Always Been a Joiner said...

It is a right of passage. I still remember when I let Anita cut my bangs in Gramma's bathroom.